Kabob Bazaar is providing food again this year!

Auction night is great not only because there are plenty of great items to bid on and a friendly and fun group of people to hang out with but also because there is free food and drink (yes, beer and wine!!!).  Last year Kabob Bazaar provided us with an amazing spread of food, chicken, lamb, hummus, greek salad, falafel, rice…there was something for everyone and all delicious!  And lucky us- because they have agreed to provide the food again this year!  Print

What I love about the Auction


When my oldest child was in Kindergarten and my husband and I went to our first auction I had no real idea what the event was about.  We only knew a handful of people, either from our son’s soccer team, our bus stop or close neighbors.   And even then we had a great time and met new people and enjoyed an evening of great food and community.

The auction event is a great time but the community building dinners and activities that are a large part of the donations make it an event that keeps on giving.  Each year my husband and I bid on parties or activities and we always enjoy the opportunity that these events provide to meet more new people and grow in our appreciation of what a great neighborhood we live in.  One year we won a ride on a Washington Monuments Ferry ride.   We decided to do the ride on Mother’s Day- it was something that we might not have done if we didn’t have the incentive-and it was a fun and memorable family experience.

Having now gotten involved in the auction I now understand that the auction is not only fun but it is also the major fund raising event for our PTA.  Our nearly 500 students hail from over 25 countries and thirty three percent of our school is eligible for  free and reduced price lunch.  The money raised from this event goes to ensure that every student at Long Branch has access to resources, events and activities.  Every child gets a book at the book fair and every child has the opportunity to go on field trips ( Jamestown, the Kennedy Center, etc.) thanks to the money that is earned at our auction.  I value the diversity we have at Long Branch and believe that it enriches the education my children are receiving.

This year will be my fifth year going to the auction and my second year as chair and I am looking forward to it already.  We have some great, new donations coming in already.

What do you love about the auction?